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Singhal Diabetic Clinic Provides complete customised herbo-mineral solution for every Diabetic individual. It has been noticed that even after good blood sugar control, diabetic patients suffer from physical, mental and sexual weakness, apart from diabetic complications, Because Diabetes licks the body even in control condition.

Since 1989 SDC is giving exclusive services in the field of Diabetes, to control uncontrolled diabetes with best quality of life. SDC is equipped with “Diabetes Risk Profiler” since 2006 first and only till date in Hardwar and uttrakhand state. This instrumentation helps in identifying and quantifying individual’s risks of diabetic complications in early stages.

Our Mission

Prevention from diabetes and its complications with improved quality of life

Our dedicated team is working on diabetes since 1989, our sociality is to control uncontrolled diabetes type-2, either due to OHGA failure or insulin resistance and stop disabilities from diabetic complication.


Herbal Solution for Diabetes

Sphere of diabetes is increasing mathematically every day; As per WHO more than 387 million population is diabetic globally

and compel to spent 25% of their income for the medication as injections (insulin) and tablet to control it, but diabetic complications and rate of mortality are also increasing.

This is because of two factors:
1. Selection of medicines, self medication, poor compliance, irrational use of drugs and spoiling (attractive) advertisement are the reasons for increasing the dose and resistance of molecules; including these high calorie and low nutrition, excess use of electronic gadgets, sedentary and stress prone life style, smoking, alcohol and energy drinks, contraceptives and sex enhancer drugs are other co-factors which are responsible in reducing the body immunity.

2. Our food material pulses, fruits, vegetables are losing the percentage of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins trace and essential elements due to irrational use of pesticides, as a result leading to its deficiency, which are necessary to restore health, International researchers established some common reasons as-
Medication of chemical oriented drugs for controlling non-communicable diseases work as a related receptors blocking agent of the natural channel mechanism ( such as Sulphonylurea (anti-diabetic) and insulin, block Potassium, Blood pressure drugs block Calcium and beta channels while antacid are Hydrogen receptors). As a result direct involved channels affects other related indirect channels respectively. After some time initially short term than long term side effects seated deeply and reduces the body immunity.
In to the reference of diabetes type-1 or type-2 as duration increases patient get weaker with control of blood sugar level and feel low physically and sexually than mentally while fluctuation and uncontrolled diabetes leads to early diabetic complications; which are irreversible painfull and expensive.
But the complimentary approach of Modern medication with Ayurvedic medicines makes better control with improvement in quality of life and push back diabetic complications. To understand well these drugs are divided in four groups-

  • a. Singhal or Poly herbs
  • b. Poly-herbs with metal or mineral preparations
  • c. Metal with minerals
  • d. Precious stones with metal and minerals

Singhal / Poly herbs –
This group of medicines have potential role in Pre-diabetes or Life Style and dietary-induced diabetes type-2, source of herbal drugs are plants and vegetables root, fruit, leaves, flower or bark and extract have their own specific therapeutic value due to their naturally and specially design combination of organic(more) and inorganic (less) substances in different quantity. And the intelligent selection of combination for an individual based on Prakriti (Genetic Nature) starts correction into the assimilation and absorption of Proteins, vitamins trace elements in digestive system, which are related to the subsequent pathway relatively and regulates the carbohydrate and fat for our day to day activities to maintain our health naturally. While correction in life style modification push back diabetes as well as another non communicable disease.

Poly-herbs with metal or mineral preparations –
Group of medication works well in type-2 new diabetic, where PP blood sugar is high while Fasting is normal and varied degree of fluctuation in blood sugar level. Preparations of this group are the combination of Singhal / poly-herb with different metal-mineral, and more potent than herbal, because they contains more inorganic(from metal-minerals) and less organic(herbal) substances.
These preparations have multi-functional properties which corrects and complete enzymatic and hormonal series and cycles, and produces natural balance in between; as a result body immunity become normal to fight against disease.
Customised selection with diabetic discipline can control un-controlled and primary or secondary failure of OHGA and reverse on OHGA in those patients who switched over to insulin and push back diabetic complications.

Metal with minerals-
Are used in uncontrolled diabetes with high dose of multi OHGA combination, Insulin resistance, Insulin with OHGA. These medicines are made by more than two metal with mineral preparations, Loading time of these drugs are 10-12 days, but patient can feel better clinically after 5-7 days due to rapid repair phenomenon completes the enzymatic, hormonal cycles and repair different tissue lines than make balance in the export-import mechanism in cellular level. Patient recovery duration between 135-180 days.

Precious stones with metal and minerals (as herbal Hormone) -
These group of preparations are specially made by more precious stones, mineral and less metallic preparation in ratio of 4:2:1 respectively and should be used in elderly diabetics with various weaknesses including early diabetic complications. These preparations work more faster and used in herbal hormone corrective.

Why Diabetic patients should visit Singhal Diabetic Clinic?

Treatment for those diabetic patients who are suffering from

○ Physical, Mental and Sexual weakness, but with well controlled blood sugar level.
○ Personalised suggestions for specific diet, life style modification and herbal combinations “To Prevent or push back” diabetes, for those have strong family of diabetes.
○ Suggestions to improve quality of life in those Diabetic patients, who are suffering from multiple diabetes complications.
○ Customised hero-mineral formulations for type-1 diabetic patients to boost immunity and prevent further complications.
○ Supportive additional health care Ayurvedic management for GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus / Diabetes during Pregnancy) for normal foetal growth as well as for prevention of post delivery complications.

Why Diabetics need special care

We are working on the management of Diabetes-2 exclusively since 1989,

and seen in our clinical experience different reasons of fluctuation in blood sugar level for example – in change of weather, in stressful conditions with same dietary regime, simultaneously anti diabetic drugs resistance is also increasing every day. Inspite of taking regular medication with controlled blood sugar level patient looks underweight and weak without any change in physical weight with symptoms of diabetic complications at early age.

What is new at Singhal Diabetic Clinic?

There is no hit and trial methodology of diagnosis and treatment at SDC.

Any treatment or advice is given after detail screening and examination of the patient which includes- history of past illness , present symptoms, severity of disease with current medication with latest pathological tests.

At SDC properly scrutinised self designed and prepared formulations ( based on Ayurvedic principals) in tablets form are prescribed which are easy to take without bitter taste and compatible with allopathic medicines.

About Logo

Singhal Diabetic Clinic is working on diabetes Type-2 since 1989, after decades of clinical experience and exclusively research in diabetes prevention, management, and push back diabetes complications with herbo-mineral preparations, from the holy place of Haridwar (India) “from where Diabetes Origin”.
We use three components in our logo Seagull bird, leaf and globe for our registered trade mark.
Seagull is a type of rare and very intelligent sea bird, has strong body, elongated legs and webbed feet. Beak is slightly hooked and usually yellow in colour, can drink both fresh and sea water and fly in “V” formation miles together.
Seagull have seven very different properties as- Communicate loudly, Co-operate, Adapt, Persevere, Use of hidden talents, Diversify, Just do it; and leaf carried by the bird in its beak represent the use of herbal medicine made by exclusively from plants of every country, and Globe shows a fast message communication internationally the hope against the fight to “Prevent Generations from Diabetes”

Reproduction : The logo of the Grass-Diabetes has been designed for the exclusive use of the company and its associate. The use of the logo adhere to strict terms and conditions.
For further information regarding the use of logo, please contact info@singhaldiabeticclinic.com


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