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How to prevent your loved ones from becoming Diabetic- If you are type 2 diabetic, Take responsibility to save your Kids from Diabetes, just think & recall the reason ,why you became Diabetic, Is it genetic/hereditary or because of your life style. If it is because of your faulty Life style,guide your family to improve their lifestyle, giving your own example, because such type of diabetes can be prevented with proper life style changes & diet intelligence by telling them to eat not only for taste but for Health. If it is genetic or hereditary, than your responsibility increases many times- Gift them your culture, wealth, teachings, best education & other good things but try your best to not gift Diabetes to them. Try to promote healthy food habits & importance of physical activity from childhood, with health education. Gift them interesting awareness literature about Diabetes. Ask them to join you, when visiting the Diabetologist , so they may learn about the disease. Take them to the Diabetic awareness & Education camps, if possible. Make them alert for any new abnormal symptom ,if they feel. Explain them about the economic burden of diabetes, with your own expenses to manage it. Explain them about the loss of working hours because of disease which include regular visits of Diabetologist, Pathological test etc.