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Type of Diabetes : Most of the people do not differentiate there diabetes with the other. They usually think there is no difference of individual diabetes. But it is not true even two family members can have different type of diabetes and according to their type, treatment is varied. Every health aware must know this fact. The team of modern Endocrinologists of w.h.o. divided this complex disease in to several groups on medical background technically which are difficult to understand for a nonmedical person. So we are trying our best to simplify this classification in five group as under- 1- Ist Group – IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetese mellitus) comes in this group, usually effects below 15 years and its onset is rather abrupt. It have again further division of obese (over weight) & Non-obese, which are ketosis prone or not with other subdivision Approximate 10 % of total diabetic population are IDDM 2- IInd Group – NIDDM (Non-Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) effects adult or above the age of 35 years . In this type, there is sufficient Insulin, but body cells are partly fail to use it. 85 % diabetes are of this variety, it is again having the division of Obese and nonobese etc. 3- IIIrd Group– MRDM(Malnutrtion related diabetes mellitus) previously this variety was not found in India. But now some patients are registered in metropolitan city hospitals, Imbalance diet is the main cause of it. 4- IVth Group – In this variety pancreas function is effected due to inflammatory conditions stones, cyst, tumour etc. in it. 5- Vth Group – Gestational diabetes, Stable diabetes, Brittle diabetes represents this Variety. so one should understand the depth of diabetes and never try any medicine without consulting the Physician or Diabetologist of your city. Dr.Alka Singhal