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After conceive the pregnancy in female a great change of hormones take place , Whenever the number of hormones interfere of any degree of glucose intolerance, with the presentation of high glucose level called gestational diabetes. It condition clinically present between 12 - 28 week pregnancy. As per international researches 4% diabetic population are of this group and said to be type-3 diabetes mellitus.

Scientists don’t know the exact cause of gestational diabetes till date, but have some explanation; that foetus development in the mother womb required complete nourishment through placenta, in this very complex exercise number of hormones plays important role to complete cycle between mother and child; during this exchange some hormones block the action of mother insulin in her body, that interfere with the body usual response to blood glucose by the insulin called “Insulin Resistance’’. When mother pancreas unable to produce required Insulin as per the requirement respectively then glucose level into the blood stay abnormally high and the mother is considered to be gestational diabetes.

Why you could be next victim of Gestational diabetes –

In 21 th century females are more carrier oriented from her student life, so they over look her health even don’t think about their day to day conduct; junk food carbonated drinks, more uses of electronic gadgets, sedentary life style and future insecurities make continuous stress to them. And gradually these combo of above makes gradual change in their health and sub- clinical symptoms arisen as- weight gain, early greying of hair, under or over development of breast with changing pattern of menstrual cycle. As these problem increase most of the females passes the good time of right treatment, simultaneously late marriage may play important role in it, and you could be one of them.

Symptoms –

If you are married and feeling of more thirst, repeated urge of urine, itching in vagina and not responding to any drug, increasing weakness, looking weak but weight are same and after check-up blood sugar are normal then be vigilant because you could be next victim of gestational diabetes, and plan your pregnancy under medical supervision.

Criteria of high Blood Sugar level in Gestational Diabetes –

If a pregnant women have fasting blood Level more than 120 mg% fasting or 160 mg% after two hour confirm that you have been confirmed case of gestational diabetes. So remember once the diagnosis of diabetes is established in a pregnant woman, continued testing for Glycemic control required for the avoidance or pushback diabetic complications.

Testing during pregnancy –

Laboratory blood testing in first trimester - Haemoglobin HbA1c Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Serum Creatinine TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) Urine – Routine & microscopic Second trimester - Capillary blood sugar levels HbA1c Ultrasonography in - First week of First trimester, Second and Third trimester.

Target blood Sugar level –

Fasting – 95 mg %

One hour after meal – 160 mg %

Two hour after meal – 130 mg %

After delivery blood sugar level get normal and this group women become careless for diabetes. But scientific studies confirm that 50% of this group at higher risk of type-2 diabetes within 5-12 years. Because most of the women get weight gaining tendency after delivery and convert in obesity, and in due course of time other associate factors promote Insulin Resistance, enhance the risk of type-2 diabetes.

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Dr. M S Singhal, MD

Look your-self , otherwise you could be the next victim of Gestational Diabetes