How We Care

Why Diabetics need special care

We are working on the management of Diabetes-2 exclusively since 1989, and seen in our clinical experience different reasons of fluctuation in blood sugar level for example – in change of weather, in stressful conditions with same dietary regimen, simultaneously antidiabetic drugs resistance is also increasing every day. In spite of taking regular medication with controlled blood sugar level, the patient looks underweight and weak without any change in physical weight with symptoms of diabetic complications at an early age.

Reasons - Uncontrolled blood sugar level is the main reason, and it is very difficult to maintain standard blood sugar level, stress, seasonal and social factors etc. play important role for fluctuations in blood sugar level; Similarly even well-controlled blood sugar also puts pressure on the body systems to manage it, resulting in weak immune system, therefore, licks the body which affect total physiological process of the body and finally all the organs get affected, which are known as diabetic complications.

  • Solutions
  • To overcome the above said problems our care and treatment strategy is based on three steps –
  • Promotive : To maintain body immunity to fight against diseases.
  • Preventive : To maintain the normal physiology and activity of body systems which play important role for prevention from diseases.
  • Curative : To reduce the symptoms of disease and its complications without harming the other organs and cures various imbalances which produces disease.

For Prevention of Diabetes –

  • Preventive & Promotive Treatment – Those who have strong family history of diabetes and wants to lead healthy life without diabetes, we have two solutions –
  • On line – log in www. and you will get the complete solution.
  • You can visit us personally and we will provide you evidence based complete solution after investigations.

For newly diagnosed Type-2 Diabetes-

First of all, Symptoms along with the complete history including genetic history of the patient is taken thereafter Nadi (pulse) examination is done and based on these, advice for relative pathological tests is given to assess the current diabetes and health status .After getting the inputs from all examinations, medication and other suggestions are given which can be explained in one word DEED –

  • ◘ D- DIET-
  • What to take, what not to take and when to take, is of prime importance in Diabetes.

  • ◘ E- Exercise –
  • It is an important part of treatment, how much exercise is required for an individual depends upon age, physical health and diabetes status , so a personalised advice is given to the patient, if patient is unable to do than other solutions are suggested.

  • ◘ E- Education –
  • It is again very important part, because the treatment is a team work of patient, their family and doctor. So every patient must know about Diabetes and its complications, and why Diabetic discipline is important?, Why it is important to keep record of BP & Blood sugar?, why one should not get attracted towards miraculous medicine and should not go for self medication ?, are the few examples of diabetic education.

  • ◘ D- Drug –
  • Finally the previous prescription is modified ,if needed otherwise advised to follow the previous prescription with added herbo-mineral combination as per the duration and severity of the diabetes.
  • On the follow up visit –
  • • After 15 days, all physical parameters as well as symptoms are compared with the previous. While in out stationed patient feedback is taken via mail or phone.
  • • If any new symptom arises or seen (for eg – low sugar level) than solution is provided.
  • • Thereafter monthly follow up visits are suggested.

For Uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes –

The management steps are same as mentioned above, but as per identifying the reason of poor control of diabetes , advice is given along with the change in prescription of required medication.

Oral hypoglycaemic Agent (OHGA or oral anti-Diabetic) failure –

When with allopathic oral anti diabetic medicines patient is unable to achieve targeted blood sugar level, than some other advance investigations are advised to assess the actual stage of disease and general health there after complete examination, medicines are prescribed.

Insulin Resistance Diabetes –

Where insulin injections also not gives the desired results than following the same above said steps, prescription is modified by adding herbo-mineral medicines to achieve the control of blood sugar.

How we treat diabetic complications-

Diabetes is a non curable disease, if once a person is diabetic, then ever be diabetic, So always keep in mind to control it. If the blood sugar level is, poorly, fairly, good or tight in control; diabetic complications comes respectively- More severe, painful and expensive, less painful and less expensive.

Common Diabetic complications are –

Skin complications –

Diabetic patients are very susceptible to skin diseases. Discoloration of skin, Dryness of skin, Repeated allergic reactions, Bacterial and fungal infections. particularly of organs(with or without Itching) are very common.

Reasons- This complication start usually after five years of un-controlled diabetes, when patient do not maintain personal hygiene, sweats (with or without bad smell) excessively, less exposure to sunlight, excessive use of chemical base cosmetics, leads to above said skin problems.

It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment

For prevention-
  • • Advice to maintain blood sugar level and personal hygiene is given.
  • • As per the skin type and season medicated oils, essential oil drops, and lotions are prescribed for external application( which can also be used for massage and as bath oil).
  • • And simultaneously if on examination some deficiency of micronutrient based skin symptoms are visible than as per the need oral medicines are given to manage the deficiency.

For Treatment-

As per the disease, herbal preparations, immunomodulator combinations, along with other precautions for skin disease which includes diet, hygiene, external care, use of soap etc are suggested.

Stroke (Paralysis)-

People with diabetes are two to four times more prone to have a stroke, than the people without diabetes. In strokes blood supply to the brain is either blocked or a blood vessel within the brain ruptures resulting brain tissue die of some area and effected area decide the severity of stroke.

It is in two steps-   1. Ischemic strokes     &     2.Hemorrhagic strokes

Both conditions are medical emergencies and earliest possible hospitalization and treatment must be sought as quickly as possible.

Reasons – Uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterols with High Blood pressure cause hardening of arteries and whenever patient get high stress or exposure to cold in winter gets Stroke.

How we do – It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment

For Prevention-

Patient is advised to go for regular monitoring of blood pressure, maintain blood sugar level under control, to manage weight near standard and get lipid profile checked every 6 months.
For this the above mentioned word DEED plays an important role, by following the suggestions, stroke can be prevented. Early detection as well as correction of the reason is the key to prevent.

For Treatment-

After coming out of stroke emergency, recovery of normal functioning of the affected part is the basic strategy of treatment.
Hence keeping in mind the general condition of the patient , blood pathology reports and severity of stroke, a complete regimen is suggested to the caregiver of such patient. which includes Diet, external application of massage oils for muscular strength with physical exercises, Aroma oils for mental recovery, customised herbo- mineral medications to improve the elasticity of blood vessels for good blood circulation , and the most important is blood sugar level and blood pressure control.

Eyes Complications –

Diabetics are prone to many eye problems like frequent change in spectacle number, blurring of vision, Early cataract, Retinopathy, macular oedema and Glaucoma are common, if not treated properly may lead to blindness.
Reasons- All these are due to uncontrolled blood sugar. Diabetes affects the blood vessels of eyes, optic nerve, eye lens and eye cells. High cholesterols with high blood pressure also can aggravate the problem. All these are due to uncontrolled blood sugar. Diabetes affects the blood vessels of eyes, optic nerve, eye lens and eye cells. High cholesterols with high blood pressure also can aggravate the problem.

How we do – It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment

  • For Prevention – we suggest our patients not to ignore any abnormal visual symptoms like blurring, light sensitivity, frequent change in spectacle number, frequent headache etc. And also advice those for regular eye check-up because early detection of the disease can protect vision loss. Preventive eye drops and herbal combinations are given to manage blood sugar and lipids.
  • For treatment – If a patient comes with any above said disease, than a strict control of blood sugar level and blood pressure, is maintained by various herbo-mineral combinations to enhance recovery rate for prevention of vision loss under the supervision of ophthalmologist.

Heart Diseases-

Blood vessels and heart also get affected due to high blood sugar. Heart attack is a common word used for such disorders.
It is a condition in which flow of the oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get fresh oxygen in for few seconds to minutes and this duration decide the severity of attack.
Most heart attacks occur as a result of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) blockage in more than one artery; it is a condition in which a waxy substance (called plaque) blocked inside of the coronary arteries.
Reason- In uncontrolled diabetic patients thickness of arteries and nerves damage mechanism goes faster.
Simultaneously 30- 40% diabetic patients get life-threatening heart attack without feeling severe chest pain because in diabetic patients feeling of pain is reduced by 30% due to diabetic neuropathy and patient unable to understand it.
Old age, duration of diabetes more than ten years, uncontrolled diabetes, High blood pressure, smoking & alcohol abusing, low level of good cholesterol and high level of bad cholesterol are the main associating factors
Earliest possible hospitalization reduce the risk of mortality, Coronary Angioplasty & stenting, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery are the surgical treatments, Blood-thinning medications, Nitro-glycerine and antihypertensive, lipid lowering drugs are medical treatment.

How we do – It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment
  • For Prevention –
    • Those have a family history and other risk factors for cardiac disease are advised to change their lifestyle, and strictly follow up examination with the timely investigation are suggested. Customised Preventive herbal combinations are added with anti-diabetic drugs.
  • For treatment –
    • After heart attack patient looses self confidence, and feels physical, mental weakness. We do proper counselling by making a team of Patient-family members with us
    • Guidelines for breathing exercises to take more oxygen to increase the efficiency of the cells of the body for early and maximum recovery.
    • Emphasis is also given to release oxidative stress and to increase the elasticity of the arteries by special diet and herbal preparations.
    • Specifically designed herbs-mineral medication to fight against post-heart attack weakness, especially after CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting), as well as to manage Diabetes is prescribed.

Failure of Kidney function –

In Diabetic patients, kidney function plays an important role, because kidney filters wastes from the blood and maintains body fluid, but due to extra sugar in blood, function of kidney get affected, gradual loss of function of kidney is known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which is a complication of Diabetes.
Reasons – Un-control Diabetes and High blood pressure are two main culprits, which affect the whole body if not properly treated, nerves and small blood vessels become brittle without showing any symptoms.
When this process continues, injury occurs in the vessels than the kidney is unable to process the cleaning of the blood properly, As a result the toxins are thrown out partly from the body, which results in water and salt (as sodium) retention showing the first symptoms as swelling over ankle, if not treated , kidney function slows down than protein (known as albumin) comes through urine , simultaneously other waste materials (of digestion) are re-circulated in the body damaging more with different manifestations..
Finally total function of excretion get disturbed, than Urea, creatinine and BUN level become high in blood and patient said to be CKD with diabetes, as above said levels get increased, patient feels morning sickness, nausea and vomiting, weakness, anaemia, and itching, repeated urine infections also became common.
Dialysis and transplant of the kidney is the only treatment option of modern medical science, 30-40% of type-2 diabetes are suffering from the CKD.

How we do – It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment
  • For Prevention –
    • Every Stage of CKD is not treatable; some conditions are treatable while others are not, and the patient must know that CKD is a progressive disease and has no cure.
    • So it is better to prevent the development of the disease. For this, tight blood sugar level control along with the blood pressure control is the basic strategy. Simultaneously nephrotoxic medicines and substances are to be avoided. Hence self-medication is strictly to avoid by a diabetic because only your doctor knows which medicine is safe for you.
    • We work on the same and select only those herbo – mineral combinations which are safe for kidneys to manage diabetes and preventing the progression of the kidney disease.
  • For treatment –
    • Low protein and low calories diet is advised to reduce the burden on the filtration process to clear waste product out from your system.
    • Herbal combination in low dose to control High Blood pressure, Blood sugar and to balance the mechanism of waste product production and disposal from body system are given.
    • Correction of blood pH by herbal recipes for remarkable progress to reduce the clinical symptoms like fatigue, nausea etc.
    • Essential oil drops are prescribed to prevent bacterial and viral infections to improve quality of life.

Special treatment for CKD – Unfortunately some patient is advised for kidney transplant by nephrologists, after transplant body of some patient accept the donor's kidney, while some do not, simultaneously after this major surgery, post-surgical complications and cost-effective treatment become part of life with many restrictions of routine life.

In such type of patients we have customized solution, with immuno-modulator medication to improve the general health conditions and immunity to help to accept the kidney and fast recovery after transplant.

Neuropathy -
When nerves do not work properly due to injury or due to some disease it is called neuropathy.
Reasons- If blood sugar level remains uncontrolled for a long time leads to damage nerve fibres, it is of four types- Peripheral, Autonomic, Proximal &focal.
Its primary manifestation is with the symptoms as Tingling, Numbness (become permanent), Burning (in the evening) and Pain. Later lack of erection in men and dryness of vagina in women are also big problems. Neuropathy is a progressive disease, symptomatic relief by relieving the pain and restoring the function can be done only.

How we do – It is in two steps-   1. Prevention    &     2.Treatment
  • For Prevention – Neuropathy worsens with the duration of Diabetes, hence every diabetic having diabetes more than five years must take steps to prevent neuropathy. We provide solutions by external and internal medicines. Strengthening body massage oils are prescribed for regular use along with some oral supplements to rejuvenate body cells. Some specific herbs which stimulate nerve functions are also given if needed.
  • For treatment –
    • patient is advised to keep blood sugar level under tight control for this herbal preparations are added, blood pressure is also of same importance so regular monitoring with treatment is done.
    • Meditation and Breathing exercise to reduce mental stress and best sleep remedies are suggested for fast recovery.
    • Diet and life style modifications which discourage for smoking, alcohol and fatty and fried diets are advised.
    • Various other medicines to reverse and retard the progression of symptoms are prescribed.
Sexual Impotency (in Male) -
When an individual became diabetic at an early age between 25 – 35 years, then if not managed well, impotency as a diabetic complication occurs.
Reasons- uncontrolled blood sugar and high blood pressure with high cholesterol affects nerves, muscle and blood vessel functions and finally leads to sexual impotency. Stress, anxiety, depression can increase the problem. Almost 35% to 75% of diabetic male face this problem, 10 to 15 years earlier as compared to non-diabetic. Overweight, sedentary life, smoking and alcohol in excess impair the blood flow in organ and cause Erection Dysfunction (Impotency).

How we do – As mentioned in earlier complication we have two ways one is preventive and other is curative.
  • For Prevention – Patient is advised to keep diabetes in control, stress relieving mental and physical exercise are advised along with healthy dietary guidelines. Herbo-mineral combinations are also advised to improve sexual performance.
  • For treatment –
    First of all the reason behind impotency is investigated whether it is psychological or pathophysiological by some specific tests, then accordingly the treatment is advised.
    If reason mainly is psychological than counselling is done to change lifestyle and diet and for mental relaxation herbal supplements are added to manage the issues.

SPoor foot arterial supply and stiffness -
It is also known as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) or hardening of the arteries. this is a common disease in diabetic patients, more in elderly diabetics, in this arteries become narrow and an interior wall of the arteries become stiffer and cannot be widened to allow needed normal blood flow to legs and feet.
Reasons are same as in coronary artery diseases like Smoking, overweight, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterols.
PAD manifestation is as Pain and cramp at night, tingling in the feet or toe or both, changing of colour shiny (darker) and non healing wound. Coldness in the lower leg and foot, hair loss on the feet and lag, slower toe nail growth, erectile dysfunction in men.

How we do – Prevention and treatment strategy is almost same as for heart disease, but some specific suggestions like posture correction, specific exercises, and medicines are prescribed as per age and severity of the disease.