Diabetic Risk Profiler

Diabetes Risk Profiler-

Provides an unparalleled Prognostic approach in Diabetic Patients

Altogether 60 plus parameters are analyzed and interpreted in the report for the clinicians’ perusal at a glance Exhaustive clinical information with graphs of all test parameters is also displayed and printed in the full disclosure report

In Ayurveda, as one of the references of Shiv Purana, Origin of Diabetes is claimed from Kankhal (sub-town of Haridwar (Uttrakhand), INDIA, where a yagya (Fire sacrifice) was performed by King Daksha in which all the Devas, Rishis, Munis were invited except Lord Shiva. All the invitees were offered a very rich diet i.e. Havish (made up of mainly with Honey, Sugar & cow Ghee, milk, brihi yav-a variety of rice) & was consumed heavily by the invitees But Lord Shiva because of his insult was very annoyed and ordered Veer bhadra to destroy the yagya (holy) . By the destructive acts of Veerbhadra, the stampede occurred. To save themselves everybody rushed here & there, by this critical and stressful situation many diseases occurred and Diabetes was one of them. As we see today the main causative factors of the disease are- sedentary lifestyle, rich diet & stress.

How this test useful for a DIABETIC?

Diabetes is a painless heterogenous disease and doesn’t intervene in day to day conduct of the patients, but this sweet disease if ignored, leads to very bitter ill effects.
The patients, due to lack of proper awareness go for self-medication, change the drug and dose himself, have poor compliance of diet and exercise, avoidance of pathological tests and an attraction towards miraculous medication gets early precipitation of diabetic complications. Most of these complications are irreversible in nature.
If the patient goes for Diabetic complication Risk Assessment, can improve the quality of life by 65-80% and in future can successfully reduce the-

  • • Cost of medication by 18 -22%
  • • Risk of hospitalization by -50%
  • • Emergency situations by – 65%
  • • Severity of Complications by – 50-60%

  • DIABETES RISK Profiler test details:
  • Cardiac / Diabetic autonomic neuropathy tests include:
  • • Resting Heart Rate
  • • Supine to standing
  • • Valsalva Maneuver
  • • Deep breathing
  • • Complete Time and Frequency domain analysis of HRV as per AHA/ESC guidelines

  • Peripheral neuropathy test :
  • • Vibratory Perception Threshold of both plantar feet at specific locations.

  • Arterial health analysis test:
  • • ABI for PAD detection by fully automated simultaneous BP readings on all 4 limbs.
  • • Central arterial (Aortic) Systolic , Diastolic and Pulse pressures
  • • Endothelial function
  • • Pulse Wave velocities
  • • Aortic Pressure Augmentation Index

  • Lung function tests:
  • • FVC
  • • FEV1

Screen shots of Sample Reports

The whole test takes about 20 mins, which includes 5 mins of patient conditioning in supine position.

Uncontrolled diabetes is an expensive disease- Keep in tight control.