Diabetic Complications

Diabetic complications –

If you take blood sugar casually, it will definitely hit you, because high blood sugar gradually reduces the normal functions of the artery, veins and nerves, and a patient could not assess because the process is very slow. health problems that diabetes may cause over the years are called diabetic complications and one should remember that diabetic complications never comes alone, details are given here…

  • Eye – Diabetes is the main causes of blindness in adults, Diabetic Retinopathy is a diabetic complication, in which blood supplying arteries of the eye become fragile and start to bleed and leads to partly or completely blindness, early Cataract, and Glaucoma are the other common eye complications.
  • Heart – Uncontrolled diabetes with dyslipidemia increases the risk of various cardiovascular problems dramatically as CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), with chest pain (angina), Heart attack and stroke are more fatal because feeling of pain in diabetes is less than 40%, so rate of casualty is much more.
  • Kidney – Filters and flush out the waste products from body and works 24×7 to clean our body, Increased blood sugar make more load on kidneys and gradually damage this very delicate filtering system, normal functions get affected and become impaired, this is condition called “Diabetic Nephropathy” of different grade. It is a irreversible problem and severe damage can lead to kidney failure.
  • Nerves – Sensation and reflexes in the body are the main function or nerves, and uncontrolled blood sugar reduces natural nourishment of the interior wall of the very thin blood vessels results in poor functionally which gradually reduces the sense of touch, pain etc. and patient start to feel tingling, numbness, burning or pain at the tips of the toes or fingers and gradually spreads upward called “Diabetic Neuropathy”.
  • Digestive System – Increased level of sugar in blood also affects digestive system leading to heart burn, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and weight loss, diarrhoea or constipation called Diabetic Gastroparesis.
  • Impotency - It is very sensitive problem in male and female both uncontrolled blood sugar directly affects the muscles, blood and nerve supply which involves the sex organs normal functionality and finally leads to erectile dysfunction in male and frigidity in female(lack of sexual desire), about 35% to 75% experience at least some degree of erectile dysfunction.
  • Diabetic Foot – High blood sugar damage the nerve supply and poor blood flow to the feet, increases the risk of various foot complications as blisters, unhealed ulcer, fissures with or without infection may lead to serious problem, if untreated than amputation of toe, foot or leg is required for saving the life of the patient.
  • Skin conditions – 25-30% of known age between 16-80 years face the skin problem as blister-like lesions, repeated bacterial infections and psoriasis etc.
  • Hearing impairment – Hearing problems are more common in uncontrolled diabetes, and research established that relative nerve (auditory) malfunction leads to partly or completely hear loss.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – The trio of Sleep disorder, continuous stress and uncontrolled diabetes may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
How you can pushback Diabetic complications –
  • Diabetes such a complicated disease and licks the body, So by proper management you can pushback complications-
  • 1. Timely and regular medication, as prescribed your doctor.
  • 2. Regularly check and record your blood sugar severally fasting, PP or before dinner and Hba1c after every three month for counter check your blood sugar.
  • 3. If your doctor advised pathological and other related tests, don’t
  • 4. Share earliest ay new symptom or trouble with your doctor.
  • 5. Avoid rich or calorific diet, smoking, excess of alcohol.
  • 6. Avoid self medication.

Un-controlled diabetes directly and indirectly decreased the body immunity (which is fight against disease) gradually; we treat the diabetes with oral drugs/Insulin, but diabetes is such a complicated disease even in controlled condition it licks the body, where as in uncontrolled condition very rapidly damage the organs and whole body.
It has been noticed that even well controlled diabetic patients are compel to face the above said diabetic complication.
Singhal Diabetic Clinic has a excellent solution for such patients with customised herbo-mineral solution for every individual.
By using them patient feel and lead normal physical, mental and sexual health.

Diabetic Complications and how we treat

Diabetes is a long lasting disease, if one can diabetic he/she ever be diabetic, so always keep in your mind to control it. If your blood sugar level are, poorly, fairly, good or tight control; diabetic complication are comes respectively- More sever, painful and expensive and less painful and less expensive. Diabetic complications are -

    Skin complications ((Repeated allergic reaction, Bacterial and fungal with or without Itching of sex organs) -)
  • Reasons - This complication start usually after five years of un-controlled or fluctuation in diabetes, and failure to make his/her personal hygiene, excessive of sweating with or without bed smell, less exposure to sunlight, use of chemical base cosmetics in plenty become skin dry or poor circulation of blood, leads to above said skin problems.

    How we treat -
  • a. We stress to modify the diet with give possible liberty to take food.
  • b. Detailed about is/her personal hygiene.
  • c. Provide essential oil drops for bath or medicated oils for massage after taking bath.
  • d. Medicated oils for local application as per your nature of skin disease conditions and seasonal variation.
  • e. We add herbal preparations with the taking medicines and modified the prescription if needed.

Stroke (Paralysis) -
  • Reason – In strokes blood supply to the brain either blocked or a blood vessel within the brain ruptures resulting brain tissue die of some area and effected area decide the severity of stroke. It is two types -
  • 1. Ischemic strokes
  • 2. Hemorrhagic strokes

  • Both conditions are medical emergencies and earliest possible hospitalization and treatment must be sought as quickly as possible.
  • Approximate 11% of type-2 diabetics get the same problem of different degree because of uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterols with High Blood pressure leads arteries become harder and whenever patient get high stress or exposure to cold in winter get Stroke.

  • How we treat –
    • a. We don't withdraw the medication; we add our medication to strengthen the body to repair the cell as well as arterial velocity for early recovery. As per progress we withdrew medication as per the requirement of the patient.
    • b. We stress to maintained tight control on blood pressure and blood sugar for early and best recovery. And advised customised or regular medication.
    • c. We provide some essential or medicated oils for massage or sponging the body after bath as per seasonal variations.
    • d. Provide some personalised Fragrances for deep breathing for cooping up from depression and some special exercises for early recovery.

    Eyes Complications – (Early cataract, Retinopathy Non-proliferated, Glaucoma are the common problem of eyes)

    Reason - Repeatedly changing number of spectacle number is also with above said eye problems. All these are due to uncontrolled control blood sugar. But it can be even controlled blood sugar due mixture of oxidative stress and stiffness of micro arteries.
    While Retinopathy Proliferated (Bleeding in retinal micro vessels) is due to uncontrolled blood sugar, High cholesterols with high blood pressure leak to start bleeding from the stiff and brittle micro arteries called vitreous haemorrhage of the retina, leads to blindness, and laser is the right treatment.

    How we treat –
    • a. We stress to maintained tight control on blood pressure and blood sugar with personalised medication.
    • b. Guide Stress management for better and early recovery.
    • c. Guide some eye exercise and how to comes out this problem

    Heart Attack-

    Reason – Heart attack is a condition in which flow of the oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can't get fresh oxygen in for few second to minutes and this duration decide the severity of attack.
    Most heart attacks occur as a result of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) blocked in more than one arteries; it is a condition in which a waxy substance (called plaque) blocked inside of the coronary arteries but in uncontrolled diabetic patients thickness of arteries and nerves damage above mechanism goes faster.
    Simultaneously 30- 40% diabetic patients get the life-threatening heart attack without feeling severe chest pain because in diabetic patients feeling of pain is reduced by 30% due to diabetic neuropathy and patient unable to understand it.
    Old age, duration of diabetes more than ten years, uncontrolled diabetes, High blood pressure, smoking & alcohol abusing, low level of good cholesterol and high level of bad cholesterol are the main associating factors.
    Earliest possible hospitalization reduce the risk of mortality, Coronary Angioplasty & stenting, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery are the surgical treatments, some drugs blood-thinning medications, Nitro-glycerin, and anti-hypertensive drugs are medical treatment.

    How we treat -
    • a. After the heart attack, the patient loses his / her confidence and feel physical, mental weakness. We do proper counseling.
    • b. We make a team of Patient-family member-our self-treat properly, and make confidence in family members also.
    • c. Guide for breathing exercises how to take more oxygen to make more efficient of each cell of the body for early and maximum recovery.
    • d. We also stress to release oxidative stress and increase the velocity of the arteries by special diet herbal preparations.
    • e. Diet modifications for getting soon for normal working.
    • f. We stress medication to make you internal healthy to fight against post-heart attack multiple weakness, specially CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting).

    Failure of Kidney function –

    Reasons – Un-control diabetes and High blood pressure are two main culprits, which affect whole body after not properly caring and control it, nerves and small blood vessels become brittle and gradually injured without showing any symptoms.
    When this process injured kidneys, then the kidney is unable to process the cleaning of the blood properly, As a result, the body is partly failed to throw out the toxins from the body. As duration passes water and salt as sodium retention increases due to slow down the functionality of the kidneys. And swelling over ankle shows as first clinical symptoms, then protein (known as albumin) come through urine, simultaneously other waste materials (of digestion) is re-circulated in the body damage more with different manifestations.
    Finally total function of excretion get disturbed due to not properly clear urinary balder, so repeated urine infections add more relative problem, than Urea, creatinine and BUN level become high in blood and patient said to be CKD with diabetes, as above said levels get increased, patient feels morning sickness, nausea and vomiting, weakness, anaemia, and itching.
    Dialysis and transplant of the kidney is the last treatment of modern science, 30-40% of type-2 diabetes are suffering from the CKD.

    How we treat-
    Every Stage of CKD is not treatable; some conditions can treatable while others are not, and the patient must know that CKD is a progressive disease and has no cure.
    • a. Advised low protein diet and low calories diet to reduce the filtration process to clear waste product out from your system.
    • b. We add herbal combination in low dose to control High Blood pressure, Blood sugar and reduced the mechanism the waste product produced from your system. And increase the throwout toxins from the body.
    • c. We also correct the blood pH for remarkable progress to reduce the clinical symptoms like fatigue, nausea etc.
    • d. Our herbal preparations improved the total health of the body and resistance to fight against the disease-related other additional symptoms like constipation general weakness and many others.
    • e. We add essential oil drops to save from bacterial and viral infections and improved quality of life.
    • f. Patient start to the feeling of wellness just after three weeks of medication.

    Special treatment for CKD – Unfortunately some patient advised for kidney transplantation by nephrologists, after transplantation body of some patient accept the donor kidney, while some are not, simultaneously after this major surgery, post surgical complications and cost effective treatment become part of life with many restrictions of routine life
    In such type of patients we have customize solution, add immuno-modulator medication to improve the general health conditions and immunity to help too accept the kidney and fast recovery after transplant.


    • Reason- If blood sugar level Un-control for long time leads to damage nerve fibbers through the body called Neuropathy; it is four types- Peripheral, Autonomic, Proximal &focal.
    • It primarily manifest under the symptoms as Tingling, Numbness (become permanent), Burning (in the evening) and Pain. Later lack of erection in men and dryness of vagina in women are also big problems. Neuropathy is a progressive and un-curable and available treatment only for retarding the progress, relieving the pain and managing the symptomatic relief and restoring the function only.
    How we treat-
    • a. Add the herbal preparations to make tight control of blood sugar and high blood pressure
    • b. Modified the diet of sprouts (restricted in CKD), seasonal fruits, more fiber, and low salt and other dietary suggestions.
    • c. Meditation and Breathing exercise(for more oxygen) to reduce mental stress and best sleep for fast recovery.
    • d. Discourage for smoking, alcohol and fatty and fried diets.
    • e. Essential oil or medicated oil for local application.

    Sexual Impotency (in Male)

    • a. Reasons- un-controlled blood sugar and high blood pressure with high cholesterols affecting nerves, muscle and blood vessel functions and finally leads to sexual impotency and stress, anxiety, depression can increase the problem and 35% to 75% of diabetic male face this problem, 10 to 15 years before as compare non diabetic men.
    • b. Over weight, sedentary life, smoking and alcohol in excess are impaired the blood flow in organ and cause Erection Dysfunction (Impotency).

    How we treat -
    • a. We help by counselling or medication to left as per the requirement of the patients for smoking or Alcohol or both.
    • b. Explain some special type of exercise to help too reduce the body weight and improve the blood circulation in the organ to restore again towards normal sexual life.
    • c. Suggest about special dietary articles to help into the same.
    • d. Correct the medications for tight control of diabetes, high blood pressure with high cholesterol.
    • e. Add herbal preparation to correct healthy blood vessels, nerves and male hormone for the desire the sexual life.
    • f. Provide some essential oils preparation for local application for early recovery.

    Poor foot arterial supply and stiffness

    Reasons – It is also known as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) or hardening of the arteries. This cause arteries become narrow an interior wall of the arteries become stiffer and cannot be widen to allow needed normal blood flow of lags and feet. Smoking, overweight, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, CAD (Coronary artery disease).
    PAD manifestation as Pain and cramp at night, tingling in the feet or toe or both, changing of color shiny(darker) and non-healing wound. Coldness in the lower leg and foot, hair loss on the feet and leg, slower toenail growth, erectile dysfunction in men.

    How We Care -
    • a. Posture correction
    • b. Luke warm foot massage of mixed essential oil or medicated oil to restore proper circulation of foot.
    • c. Control blood sugar and Blood pressure.
    • d. Normalise the cholesterol
    • f. Counselling for smoking and alcohol.
    • g. Exercising regularly and keeping you active.
    • h. Herbal medication arterial nutrition.

    Other complications –

    Many Diabetic patients have different individual problem, like constipation, repeated loose motions, and weakness while blood sugar and blood pressure are normal are be treated.