Hypo-glycaemia –

When blood sugar level goes below 60 mg% then this condition is known as Hypoglycaemia (or low blood sugar), is very common in type 1 Diabetes. Also called as “insulin shock” this happens suddenly if a person eats too little food, does not eat soon enough after taking insulin, takes over dose/too much insulin, or do to much physical exercise.
In type -1 it is a challenging condition for parents, if the patient is child below five years of age can not explain it, symptoms appears rapidly so guardians should take attention, and recognize the symptoms, it may be life threatening.
So as in adults patient if hypoglycaemia happens, person feels very indifferent unexplained type symptoms initially, each person has a particular set of personal symptoms Some common symptoms are as under-

  • ◘ Inappropriate response with confusion and inattention
  • ◘ Excessive Sweating
  • ◘ Hunger
  • ◘ Fine tremors
  • ◘ Paleness of skin
  • ◘ Dizziness
  • ◘ Numbness in fingers, toes, and lips
  • ◘ Increased heart beat
  • ◘ Headache frontal
  • ◘ Irritating behaviour
  • ◘ Frontal headache
  • ◘ Slurred speech etc.

the condition must be treated quickly Immediately give 2-3 spoon sugar dissolved in water/milk, if still sugar level comes low rush to the nearer hospital, don’t waste time, and share with your doctor.