About Madhumeha Trust

About Madhumeha Trust (India)

“Madhumeha Trust (India)”, was established by Dr M. S. Singhal and Dr Alka Singhal, the founders of Singhal Diabetic Clinic is a non-profitable trust and is dedicated to educate people about the disease by various means such as Camps, lectures, Radio Talks, literature in news papers, (Approx 100 papers published in various scientific and non scientific magazines) etc.

Madhumeha trust (India) was established and registered in May 1996 in India
(Income tax exemption under section 80-G)

Main objectives

◘ To establish, run & maintain hospitals, Nursing homes, Dispensaries for general public

◘ To print , publish & exhibit the books , Literature , Periodicals for the promotion of the object

◘ To grant relief to the poor


Madhumeha Trust team members actively participate in Diabetic care oriented activities like:

◘ Organizes diabetic care camps at rural & urban areas

◘ Diabetic awareness/education camps

◘ Distribution of free of cost/on discounted price literature on diabetes

◘ Distribution of free of cost/on discounted price medication of diabetes at camps

◘ General diabetics/non-diabetics counseling program to aware and resolve the doubts of people.