Our Team

Dr. M.S. Singhal, MD

PG in Diabetology AIIMS NewDelhi
Consultant Diabetologist

Dr. Singhal has dedicated his life and energy in management of Diabetes and its complications.He has published various books and articles in national newspapers on Diabetes and its related disorders and complications. Dr. Singhal always advocates a healthy lifestyle to battle with Diabetes and many such ailments. His popular publications include book entitled Guidelines For Diabetics which has been acclaimed with various laurels and accreditation from friends and patients. Presently, he is the life member of Diabetic Association of India (Mumbai), National Diabetic Association of India (Kolkata), Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (Hyderabad), and Diabetic self-care foundation (New Delhi). He has been educating the masses on the preventive measures for Diabetes as a guest speaker at various national academic forum and conferences. His clinical acumen in the field of Diabetes has been called unparalleled by health experts, prominent journalists and his patients. He has also been the Honorary Consultant Diabetologist for the Governor of the state Uttar Pradesh, India during 1999-2005, and various other Member of Parliaments, Ministers of State and Bureaucrats in Government of India.

Dr. Alka Singhal, MD

PGD in Preventive & Promotive Medicine, Apollo Hospital
Consultant Preventive Medicine

As the founder secretary of the Madhumeha Trust, India, she has chosen to dedicate her energy in Diabetes and its preventive medicine through Ayurveda. Dr. Alka is a postgraduate in medicine with advanced studies in preventive and promotive health care from Apollo hospital and educational research foundation, Hyderabad, India. She has married Dr. M.S Singhal and his ideologies towards a healthy and Diabetic free society through preventive measures. Her popular publications include book entitled recipes for Diabetics which have been acclaimed with appreciation from friends and patients who have difficulty organising their dietary routines. It also contains recipes with low calorie high nutrition after being diagnosed with Diabetes. This ability has also helped in GRASS-Diabetes Project for customizing the dietary modules for our future clients. She is also on the member of program advisory committee (Health section) in the Broadcasting Corporation of India. She is well known amongst her patients, family and society for her ability to transform unorganised medical resources into nuggets of easily understandable information. She has been the coordinator advisor for Diabetes to the Ex- Governor of Himachal Pradesh, India. As a co- founder in GRASS-Diabetes Project with Dr. MS Singhal she advices the youth in adopting healthier lifestyle options for a balanced life by a balanced diet. In the year 2004, she began guiding medical students for post-graduation and continues to do the same till now.

Dr. Pratyush Sharan

Speciality : Internal Medicine

Dr. Pratyush Sharan, MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine) is a well-known Doctor. His deep interest is in lifestyle disorders and obtaining their easy solutions for patient compliance. Also his outstanding vision and thorough knowledge in diabetes along with his brilliant communication skills attracted us to put him on the panel of Singhal Diabetic Clinic His unique thoughts and interdisciplinary skills with evidence based quality treatment with due respect to the complimentary medicines are amongst the core qualities that really are the demand of this day and age We also appreciate his concern towards social responsibility. And as a part of social activity wing at SDC, he has taken part in various free diabetic camps organised in different parts of the country

Education: Post Graduation in Internal Medicine, Diplomate of National Board, India, Delhi / 2013
Medical Graduation MBBS from Govt. Medical College Haldwani, Uttrakhand / 2006

Additional Information: Three year and counting experience in extensive diabetic care.

Dr. Prerna Sharma

Speciality :Family Medicine

A Medallist in MBBS, Dr Prerna is very energetic and an enthusiastic workaholic. She has more of a detailed approach towards the subject and she always thrives to completely understand the subject and then to provide a short and precise conclusion for it. She is always focused on the clinical aspect related to the genetics of Diabetes and in finding easy solutions for problems of diabetic patients which the patients can therefore include in their daily routine for best control of Diabetes. Her prominent interest is in the seasonal variation of blood sugar level and also the pharmaceutical effects of various molecules of OHGA and Insulin’s in Diabetic patients She endeavours to contribute and be part of the advancements in medicine. She has a personable disposition and gets along well with her co-workers and connects with her patients. She believes in “Caring is as important as Curing”. We are proud to have her amongst the panellists of the Singhal Diabetic Clinic core team
Education: Post Graduation in Family Medicine, Diplomate of National Board of India, Delhi / 2013
Medical Graduation MBBS from Lady Harding Medical College Delhi / 2009
Additional Information: One year Clinical experience in cosmetic surgery
One year Clinical experience in Endocrinology care unit
Two year Clinical experience in Diabetic Clinic

Dr. Paritosh Sharan

Speciality : General Medicine

Dr. Paritosh Sharan is a very talented and highly skilled doctor of our team at Singhal Diabetic Clinic. He has extraordinary skills in mastering the art of clinical presentation of medical information and to help Singhal Diabetic Clinic pursue its international objectives. He was selected for his knack of finding easy clinical solutions in difficult scenarios. His brilliant skills in computer application and deep interest in tele-medicine have played a vital role in providing mass quality treatment of Diabetes at and from Singhal Diabetic Clinic. Also, his presentation of difficult clinical information in easy to understand language have always helped the general population. He is keen to provide medical facility to poor diabetic patients and he has taken part in various free diabetic camps organised at Singhal diabetic Clinic.

Education: – Medical Graduation MBBS from SGRR Medical College Dehradun, India / 2009

Additional Information: Two year Clinical experience in Diabetic Clinic